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How to Lose Weight Quickly in Seven Steps


Cut your food intake by up to half: Not only obviously overweight people but many of those who do not have, or recognize this problem in themselves eat more than is necessary to keep their energy levels at a twenty four hour peak. To lose weight or just to trim up your figure the first step is simple, don't eat so much!
Count Calories: Calculate the amount of calories in the meals, and in between snacks, that you regularly consume. There are guides to how many calories you need daily according to your height, sex, age and your regular lifestyle activity to maintain a healthy weight. You may have to cut out a few treats but it will be worth it when your figure looks slim and trim again.
Try to follow a regular and planned food diet: You can find many weight loss diets on websites, magazines and books. Pick out one that appeals to your palate and has plenty of variety. You do not want to get bored with what you eat otherwise you may lose that important resolve to lose weight. And don't forget that calorie count.
What Not to Eat: Avoid like the plague the temptation of snacking on chocolate, sugary candies and potato chips or crisps or any other potentially fattening goodies. Falling into this trap, even just occasionally, can undo all the good that you have achieved and result in piling on the pounds again.
Keep to a regular timetable: You should eat your three meals a day regularly. Be sure to eat no later than six o'clock in the evening to give your digestion time to complete its work before you go to bed. You will not using up many calories when you are asleep so any surplus may turn to fat.
Meals to set you up for the Day: Your main meal should be breakfast. This will set you up for the day and give you the energy to carry out your tasks. A good breakfast gives your body all day to burn up the calories. Lunch should be modest and your evening meal should be the smallest. The old saying that you should "breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dine like a pauper" holds very true when you are trying to lose weight.
Exercise is very important: It is not going to encourage weight loss if you simply stick to six steps above but are otherwise a couch potato. Even if you are one of those that abhor exercise force yourself to do a little jogging or cycling, even walking. Find the time and inclination to set yourself, and keep to, a daily target for exercise even if it starts as very little. Seeing the weight fall of at the same time as getting into an exercise routine ought to encourage you to increase your physical activity.
Finally you really do have to realise that to lose weight successfully takes sacrifice, resolve and determination. Try to forget about self indulgence and go for the body beautiful. The benefit to your self confidence, health, social life and career of having a trim and healthy looking body should make it all worthwhile.
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How To Prevent Further Hair Loss In Women


We often think that hair loss, or baldness only happens to men. This is a huge misconception. Did you know that almost 50% of women also suffer hair loss? It could be alopecia, which is hereditary, medication, menopause, pregnancy or even stress. If you are suffering from hair loss or hair thinning, check out these tips below to help you prevent from further shedding more hair.
If your body doesn't have enough protein, this can also be the cause of your loss of hair. It is essential for you to consume enough protein in your diet everyday as much as possible. Sources of protein include red meat and fish. However, if you are a vegetarian and trying to stay away from eating meat, soy is also a great source of protein among other foods such as yogurt, nuts beans eggs and so on.
Supplemental vitamins and Omega-3s
Some of you might be regularly taking your vitamins. However lack of certain vitamins in the body, such as zinc, iron and vitamin B, can result in further loss of hair. Make sure you are able to get these needed vitamins to lessen the possibility of hair loss. You can also take omega-3 vitamins that are essential for your diet, but if you don't like taking it as a vitamin, you can always eat more fish. Olive oil and nuts are also great sources for omega-3.
Say NO to hair products with alcohol.
Certain hair care products have alcohol in them. Gel is just one example of a hair care product with alcohol. Although it is still a debate whether alcohol really causes loss of hair, it is still a known fact that alcohol makes the hair more dry and brittle, which can result to breakage of hair. It is in your best interest to avoid using hair care products with alcohol not only for hair loss, but also to prevent any further damage that it can do to your hair.
Visit a Doctor
If you think that you are suffering from significant or extreme loss of hair, try visiting your doctor. Visit your primary care physician first to rule out other possible causes of hair loss (such as hormonal change, thyroid problems etc.) Once these other possible problems are ruled out, you can try visiting a dermatologist. He will perform tests on you to get to the root of the problem, and provide you medication and advice as to how you can prevent further hair loss.
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