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Anti Aging Skin Care Tips For Young Ladies


It is really important to take the best possible care of your skin while you are young, if you want to minimize the effects of aging. As we grow older the production of collagen, which is very essential for maintaining healthy skin decreases in our body. Its deficiency leads to many skin related problems including wrinkles.
The skin regeneration process slows down with age and your skin starts losing its immunity. There are many reasons behind these transformations. The main reasons are stress, poor art of living, unhealthy diet and lack of exercise. A person should follow various anti aging skin care ways to look young.
Using anti-aging creams is one of the options. They are meant for increasing the immunity and speeding up the skin rejuvenation process. They will aid in reduction of wrinkles and make your skin smooth and radiant. They also act as skin moisturizer. They also fight against the harmful effects of the sun, UV rays and pollution.
The use of anti-aging cosmetics is highly recommendable, because they contain many health enhancing elements like different vitamins, hyaluronic acid and glucosamine. The hyaluronic acid is one of the best moisturizers, capable of penetrating deep into your skin. It is used as a key ingredient in different creams and lotions. as an antidote for dry skin.
Vitamin C is an excellent antioxidant which helps in keeping your skin soft and fresh. Vitamin E acts as a barrier against the free radicals. Glucosamine increases the production of different proteins and lipids in the body, which aid in various skin regeneration processes.
Sun is the biggest reason behind premature skin aging.So restrict and protect skin form UVA and UVB rays.
  • Limit the time you spend outside during 10 am to 4 pm, as these are considered high intensity hours for sun rays. Wear full length clothes, scarf's to avoid getting in contact with the sun.
  • Use a broad spectrum sunscreen with an SPF (sun protection factor) higher than 15. Apply generously on face and other parts exposed to sun, about 20 minutes before you go out.
  • Women over 30 should start using anti-aging cream to curb skin aging signs.
So it is essential to take good care of your skin from a very young age in order to delay its aging process. Using cosmetic products which contain the essential elements mentioned above will ensure soft, gentle and healthy skin, even at the age of 60.
There are so many anti-aging creams in the market so you must be wondering about which creams is the best and gives best results. I personally use Lifecell-anti aging cream and its results can be seen within days.

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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Best Paying Jobs for Women


With more and more women opting to go out and build careers for themselves, there are a number of jobs that the market has to offer to women, which come with its own set of glamour and prestige. Having said that, with women competing with men in an equal playing ground they are also expected to prove their worth with the strong backup of a good academic background. Women also need to make the same effort with respect to self-discovery, planning and hard work to make a mark in the industry.
Planning your Career Correctly
Most employers are of the belief that the most practical thing to do for women to while they are planning their careers is the compare the return on investment of their education with the potential salary they are bound to make through their profession.
According to statistics, some of the most popular and high paying job options for women belong in the education, IT, Finance, HR, Aviation, Medical and Real Estate sector.
Consequently, it is important to remember that each one of these professions have its own set of unique benefits and drawbacks. For example, not matter how high paying a flight attendant's salary is, and no matter how glamorous the job, the excessive travel and erratic work hours aren't necessarily every woman's cup of tea.
What must a Woman look for in her Career
As a woman, one is expected to fulfil a number of other social demands as compared to a man. Hence, no matter how rewarding the salary, it is important for a woman to find professional stability out of the long-term discipline that they pick without compromising o their sense of personal achievement.
Here is a list of some of the most viable professional choices for women -
1. Even though becoming a pharmacist takes up to 6 years in most countries, the remuneration at the end of the day is more than satisfactory. With the rampant growth of the industry on the whole, this profession is by far considered to be among the best paying careers for women today. The starting salary of a pharmacist is believed to be around hundred thousand Canadian dollars a year. The need for more medication among the baby boomers that are now nearing old age, the potential of this industry is nowhere close to dwindling.
2. Some women are natural with money matters, and are great with giving advice with respect to effective management of monies. Financial management, consulting and advisory services make for another great prospective career for the new age career women. With the erratic economies, institutions and individuals alike are all on a look out for competent financial planners. This career also promises a six figure salary to women with appropriate certification in accountancy and financial planning.
3. Human resources management also poses its own set of interesting potential in the area of recruitments, training, counselling, conflict management and payroll management. With a thousand facets to look into, this profession is highly demanding especially for women who are good with people management and communications.
In addition to this, considering the personality type of most women they are able to fulfil the needs of certain jobs a lot better than their male counterparts. For examples, female psychologists, market research, and a number of sales jobs are better handled by women.
Author is recognized for its high educational quality standards, and expert in Flight Attendant Salary, Hospitality Management, Travel & Tourism in Vancouver, BC, Canada.
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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Inevitable Nail Fungus Causes


If someone has a rare disease, one may find it alarming if that person comes near you. You might feel like you will have that disease as soon as he sits beside you. You may pose prejudice against the other person. You can prevent this from happening by being aware of the origin of an infection just like nail fungus causes.

Most people who are infected with onychomycosis do not really know how it started. They were fully unaware of what could lead to a very tough nail condition that would deprive them of their normal lives. The following are just few causes of toenail fungus:
  • Fungi spread at a very high rate and are active in moist, warm, and dark places. If your feet happen to be confined in these kind of places you will most likely get infected by fungi.
  • For onychomycosis, you will easily get it from gym shower rooms, swimming pools, and even your own pair of shoes.
  • You can also get infected through fungus spores. This can be transferred to you if you have even a tiny open wound, and a passer-by, who has onychomycosis shed some spores. The spore will get into the open wound and start spreading.
  • There is no test that has proven to trace nail fungus infection to hygiene. However, there is no harm if we keep our feet clean by washing it at least two times a day, the second before going to bed.
These causes seem to be inevitable since fungi are microscopic organisms and the places where they mostly thrive are very common. There are actually ways to prevent it from spreading. This is by knowing toenail fungus symptoms and applying appropriate treatment as soon as proven.
  • When suddenly you see your nails turning to dark toenails
  • When you see some yellow lines near the end of your nails
  • When you see that you nails are becoming crumbly
  • When you feel that there is an itchy feeling in the skin area around the deforming toenail
As soon as you see those symptoms, it is highly advised that you go and check with a podiatrist. Podiatrists are experts in all concerns regarding the feet. They are to confirm if you really are infected with the fungi. They can also assist you in determining the most appropriate toenail fungus treatment to make sure that you will have faster recovery. Be proactive in treating toenail fungus.
Visit to weigh the pros and cons of each treatment and find the most suitable cure for you.
Toenail Fungus Treatment Review is an independent organization devoted to empower consumers with the most accurate information on toenail fungus like nail fungus causes that you should watch out for.
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Nail Care Tips for Beautiful Nails


There are some simple tips you can follow at home to grow your nails healthily:
1. Coat your nails with a polish or ridge filler to protect them at least till the manicure lasts.
2. Always wear gloves on your hands to protect nails when doing household chores like washing clothes or utensils as your nails might break when exposed to harsh chemicals.
3. After every session of exposing your hands to these harsh detergents, use a moisturizing hand cream. Don't miss the nails and cuticles.
4. Apply sunscreen on your hands, nails and cuticles during the day to prevent it from getting damaged by sun rays.
5. Every time to do manicure at home, clean your manicure equipments to keep it germ-free.
6. Don't neglect nail infections, treat them immediately. Any anti-bacterial ointments like Neosporin, Polysporin, or Bacitracin, will work.
7. Whenever purchasing any product, check that it doesn't contain chemicals like formaldehyde or toluene. They'll harm your nails in the long run.
8. Respect your nails and don't use them to tap your keyboard or cut things.
9. Don't soak your fingers in water for longer periods, they'll ultimately weaken them causing breakage.
10. Do not overuse Nail polish removers, they contain acetone which when comes in contact with skin and cuticles eventually dry them up.
11. Never push your cuticles back too far. Just cut how mush has peeled off from your nail. And always keep them moisturized.
12. Hangnails are common. Don't pull or tear them so as to give rise to infections. Cut them gently with a nail trimmer.
13. It's better to avoid dark coloured paints even if you are a lover of it. Dark shaded Nail polish if kept for a longer time stains your nails giving it an ugly yellow patch.
14. It's best to go for a transparent shade or any light colours like beige or pink with a top coat that will impart a glossy shine to your lips.
15. If you have the bad habit of biting your nails, stop that immediately. You'll never get beautiful nails if you continue biting them. They uneven your nail shape and never allows your nails to grow.
16. Cut your nails to a considerable length. Don't keep your nails too long as there may be chances of breakage.
17. Whenever you cut your nails, file them properly as per your required shape, otherwise they grow uneven.
18. When cleaning nails, soak them in warm water for a little while. This makes it easier to clean off the dirt from your nails.
19. Besides these external care, your daily nutrients intake also affects your nail health. Have balanced diet and drink ample amount of water.
20. In addition, also take multivitamin supplements with high biotin content as biotin promotes nail health and growth.
21. And last but not the least, now-a-days we have such a variety of Nail art for every nail shape. Beautify your nails with some lovely nail arts and you'll receive praises from your friends.
StyleCraze Community is the right place to get your daily dose of Beauty Tips.
StyleCraze is also the leading online store for Nail care in Indiana.
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Bad Breath Home Remedies That Work

by Stan Bannister

Bad breath home remedies do exist! Everyone gets bad
breath, but not everyone wishes to use strong smelling
chemicals or chemical pastes to fight bad breath. When I
use a store bought mouth wash it stings during the process
and afterwards I'm left with my mouth open, waiting for the
pain to go away, all the while salivating all over the
floor. Not a pretty sight. While searching for alternative
methods I promptly learned there are many bad breath home
remedies which have been used for thousands of years. Store
bought washes are convenient, yes, but bad breath home
remedies are less expensive, natural, and do work. And
they're easy to use or make. Who knew that some
alternatives are as easy as opening your refrigerator, or
examining your plate at a restaurant? The following list is
just a few of the proven home remedies to fight bad breath
I've found.
Top Seven Bad Breath Home Remedies
Bad breath home remedy #1: Herbs
Instead of carrying around breath mints to fight bad breath
after a meal, carry a tin or baggie of herbs such as mint
(the real one), thyme, fennel, cinnamon, anise, or cloves.
Chew any of these after meals to fight bad breath.
Bad Breath home remedy #2: Baking soda
You know baking soda as an ingredient in recipes, however
it is also used in laundry and refrigerators to combat
odor. Use it orally to fight bad breath. Simply add some to
your toothbrush, add a little water, scrub and rinse.
Bad breath home remedy #3: Salt water
Rinse your mouth out with warm water and salt. This is also
a remedy used to help get rid of a sore throat.
Bad breath home remedy #4: Lemon or lime water
Rinse your mouth out and gargle some lemon or lime juice
mixed with warm water
Bad breath home remedy #5: Essential oils
Essential oils are plant extracts which signifies you're
getting a strong concentration of the plant's benefits.
Many essential oils have qualities that can fight bad
breath. One home remedy is to add a few drops of tea tree
oil to your toothpaste before brushing.
For mouth wash, add one drop of Myrrh oil to warm water.
Bad breath home remedy #6: parsley or mint
When parsley or mint is utilized as a garnish, there is a
reason for that. It is also meant to be eaten to help fight
bad breath from odorous meals. This bad breath home remedy
has been used for thousands of years.
Bad breath home remedy #7: Apple cider vinegar
For such an unusual smelling liquid, vinegar has many uses and
can help remedy quite a few ailments. Add a little bit of
apple cider vinegar to your water and drink it at least
once per day.
Three Common Products that Don't Fight Bad Breath
So, what doesn't work to fight bad breath? In 2002 The
American Academy of Periodontology surveyed members about
the least efficient bad breath home remedies used by their
patients. Below are the top three least competent methods.
Ineffective bad breath home remedies #1: Overusing
This can in reality make your bad breath worse by
contributing to a dry mouth.
Ineffective bad breath home remedies #2: Breath mints
This method of fighting bad breath only hides the problem
and can lead to tooth decay which also creates bad
Ineffective bad breath home remedies #3: Chewing gum
Chewing gum, like breath mints, is not good for fighting
bad breath since it only hides the smell. A better
alternative to gum is water as a method of averting dry
If you are looking for a way to fight bad breath that is
low-cost and not offensive, give some of these bad breath
home remedies a try. You don't have anything to lose, but that bad

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Tips for Selecting Decorative Accents for the Home

by Christine George

Choosing modern and contemporary decorative accents for the home can feel like an overwhelming task. Not only do you have to choose a theme or color pattern that will create the mood you want in your room, but you have to find the right pieces to accentuate the elements of your room that you want to highlight. Add to this the need to make sure that the pieces you choose fit within your budget and you can see why some people feel the need to hire a professional to help choose their décor. Today, we will look at some simple tips for choosing everything from tables to decorative fireplace screens.
Tip #1- Focus on the Features

When looking to add decorative elements to a room, it can help to first look at features that the room already has. For example, if your sitting room has a fireplace, selecting decorative fireplace screens that will bring out the beauty of the area can help you make a big difference on a small budget. Choosing a screen that highlights a tiled fireplace or that draws the eye to a mantle covered in family portraits is a fantastic way to make the most of features that your home already has.

Tip #2- Simple Can Be Elegant

You don't have to go overboard when it comes to decorative accents for the home. A few touches of modern and contemporary décor, when well placed, can have as much impact as buying a new set of furnishings and art. Accent tables, decorative tapestries and throw pillows, or stained glass panels for your windows can provide a simple elegance that even the most elaborate furniture sets could not accomplish. Simplicity can absolutely be elegant, and the right smaller pieces can actually have the biggest impact.
Tip #3- Don't Ignore the Walls

If you have a smaller room, accent tables and other larger items can make it feel even smaller. Beautiful wall art is a great idea of decorative accents for the home, but consider items that make the space feel bigger. Mirrors always help make small rooms feel larger, and decorative mirrors or even mirrored decorative lights can provide the perfect modern and contemporary décor for an entry room or living room that often feels small or crowded.

No matter what area of your home or room you are looking to accentuate, you will find that there are great decorative accents for the home that will help you accomplish your goals. From decorative fireplace screens to mirrors that give a small room a big feel, choosing the right modern and contemporary décor comes down to figuring out your goals and finding the best way to bring them to life.

About the Author

It all started with interesting home decorating accents or the lack of them. Combined with an avid interest in travelling Global Home Accents was created to bring unique home accents from around the world to your home.Visit

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How to Lose Weight Quickly in Seven Steps


Cut your food intake by up to half: Not only obviously overweight people but many of those who do not have, or recognize this problem in themselves eat more than is necessary to keep their energy levels at a twenty four hour peak. To lose weight or just to trim up your figure the first step is simple, don't eat so much!
Count Calories: Calculate the amount of calories in the meals, and in between snacks, that you regularly consume. There are guides to how many calories you need daily according to your height, sex, age and your regular lifestyle activity to maintain a healthy weight. You may have to cut out a few treats but it will be worth it when your figure looks slim and trim again.
Try to follow a regular and planned food diet: You can find many weight loss diets on websites, magazines and books. Pick out one that appeals to your palate and has plenty of variety. You do not want to get bored with what you eat otherwise you may lose that important resolve to lose weight. And don't forget that calorie count.
What Not to Eat: Avoid like the plague the temptation of snacking on chocolate, sugary candies and potato chips or crisps or any other potentially fattening goodies. Falling into this trap, even just occasionally, can undo all the good that you have achieved and result in piling on the pounds again.
Keep to a regular timetable: You should eat your three meals a day regularly. Be sure to eat no later than six o'clock in the evening to give your digestion time to complete its work before you go to bed. You will not using up many calories when you are asleep so any surplus may turn to fat.
Meals to set you up for the Day: Your main meal should be breakfast. This will set you up for the day and give you the energy to carry out your tasks. A good breakfast gives your body all day to burn up the calories. Lunch should be modest and your evening meal should be the smallest. The old saying that you should "breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dine like a pauper" holds very true when you are trying to lose weight.
Exercise is very important: It is not going to encourage weight loss if you simply stick to six steps above but are otherwise a couch potato. Even if you are one of those that abhor exercise force yourself to do a little jogging or cycling, even walking. Find the time and inclination to set yourself, and keep to, a daily target for exercise even if it starts as very little. Seeing the weight fall of at the same time as getting into an exercise routine ought to encourage you to increase your physical activity.
Finally you really do have to realise that to lose weight successfully takes sacrifice, resolve and determination. Try to forget about self indulgence and go for the body beautiful. The benefit to your self confidence, health, social life and career of having a trim and healthy looking body should make it all worthwhile.
Jaks Lloyd writes extensively for health and beauty blogs. Learn the real Beneficial Effects of Exercise and what Power Food can do for you.
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How To Prevent Further Hair Loss In Women


We often think that hair loss, or baldness only happens to men. This is a huge misconception. Did you know that almost 50% of women also suffer hair loss? It could be alopecia, which is hereditary, medication, menopause, pregnancy or even stress. If you are suffering from hair loss or hair thinning, check out these tips below to help you prevent from further shedding more hair.
If your body doesn't have enough protein, this can also be the cause of your loss of hair. It is essential for you to consume enough protein in your diet everyday as much as possible. Sources of protein include red meat and fish. However, if you are a vegetarian and trying to stay away from eating meat, soy is also a great source of protein among other foods such as yogurt, nuts beans eggs and so on.
Supplemental vitamins and Omega-3s
Some of you might be regularly taking your vitamins. However lack of certain vitamins in the body, such as zinc, iron and vitamin B, can result in further loss of hair. Make sure you are able to get these needed vitamins to lessen the possibility of hair loss. You can also take omega-3 vitamins that are essential for your diet, but if you don't like taking it as a vitamin, you can always eat more fish. Olive oil and nuts are also great sources for omega-3.
Say NO to hair products with alcohol.
Certain hair care products have alcohol in them. Gel is just one example of a hair care product with alcohol. Although it is still a debate whether alcohol really causes loss of hair, it is still a known fact that alcohol makes the hair more dry and brittle, which can result to breakage of hair. It is in your best interest to avoid using hair care products with alcohol not only for hair loss, but also to prevent any further damage that it can do to your hair.
Visit a Doctor
If you think that you are suffering from significant or extreme loss of hair, try visiting your doctor. Visit your primary care physician first to rule out other possible causes of hair loss (such as hormonal change, thyroid problems etc.) Once these other possible problems are ruled out, you can try visiting a dermatologist. He will perform tests on you to get to the root of the problem, and provide you medication and advice as to how you can prevent further hair loss.
Janet Camonetti is no stranger to hair loss. After seeing her mother and sister suffering the mental anguish that Women's hair loss often creates, she decided learn everything she could to help her family. And truth be known she was seeing the tale tale signs and knew it would be upon her soon as well. Through her exhaustive research she found several products and habits that actually worked for her and her family. Check out to learn more.
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Weight Loss - How to Lose Weight Fast 5 Simple Tips

What to do to lose weight? Is a popular question many people ask when their weight loss diet plan is not reaping the expected results.
The secret to successful weight loss is not just about dieting, developing healthy eating habits and being physically active is more important for losing weight and keeping the weight off.
Here are some easy to follow tips that will help you lose weight, burn fat and stay healthy.
1. Eat slowly and chew each bite
Researchers at the University of Rhode Island have found that eating faster increases the amount of food consumption.
Many studies confirm that just by eating slower you will consume fewer calories. The reason is that it takes about 20 minutes for our brains to register that we're full. If you eat slowly, you will have eaten less by the time your brain tells your stomach that it's full. Also when you eat slower, you will chew your food better, which leads to better digestion and you will enjoy your food.
2. Drink Water before each meal
Drinking water is very important during weight loss; It speeds up your metabolism and helps you burn fat fast.
Drink a cup of water before your meal, water makes you feel full, this means you'll eat less and feel less hungry. You have to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.
3. Eat meals on smaller plates
Using a smaller plate is a great way to lose weight, using smaller plates allow you to control your portions and not overeat, but using large plates may lead to overeat because it will take more food to fill it
4. Eat foods that are high in fiber
Consuming high fiber foods can help you lose weight fast, they can keep you feeling full for longer periods of time with fewer calories.
High fiber foods contain some of the most important nutrients and they are good for you digestive system.
Foods high in fiber include Vegetables, fruits, whole grains, cereals, beans, nuts and legumes.
5. Eat a Variety of Healthy Foods
In order to have a healthy and balanced diet, you need to eat a variety of food from all food groups to get all the required vitamins and minerals you need to be healthy.
Choosing a variety of foods and dishes will keep you from getting bored with the diet.
By following the above mentioned habits you will reach your weight loss goals more quickly and remember that In order to succeed with your weight loss you need to prepare a good healthy and balanced diet plan, regular exercise and an overall healthy lifestyle.
If you are serious about losing weight, here is one of the most popular and unique fitness diet programs available today. This program combines powerful and easy fitness workouts with an excellent diet plan. It is specifically designed to meet the needs of people who want to lose weight but don't have the time or the patience to go to the gym or undertake long workouts.
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Choosing The Best Weight Loss Surgery for Yourself

There are several cities with a population of over 3 million people; some have more others have less. When a city has a larger population, it's no surprise that there is a huge diversity in the available weight loss surgeries. It's your job, as a potential weight loss surgery patient to do your research. Whether you are interested in weight loss surgery to improve your looks or to improve your health, there are several cities known for their capable and skilled physicians.
There are three primary weight loss surgeries that you should consider: The lap band, the gastric bypass procedure and the gastric sleeve. The lap band surgery is a reversible procedure, while the gastric bypass and the gastric sleeve are permanent. It is important that you consider the finality of your weight loss surgery, as only one of these three can ever be undone.
The lap band is a bariatric surgery that involves placing a band across the patient's stomach in order to restrict the amount of food a person is able to consume. The band itself is then inflated and deflated depending upon the person's dietary needs. With this surgery, the least amount of weight loss is seen, as well as the least amount of physical changes occur (i.e. smaller changes in blood pressure and much less substantial changes in blood sugar levels). The upside to this surgery is its fully reversible nature. It's important that you choose a surgeon experienced in the lap band. There are several qualified bariatric surgeons in the US.
The gastric bypass is a much more invasive bariatric procedure. It involves a surgeon making an incision (one large or several small ones depending upon the kind of procedure) into the patient's abdomen and re-crafting the stomach into a smaller pouch. This procedure has been shown to drastically reduce the intake of food and the health benefits are numerous. It has been shown to be successful in reversing some chronic diseases like diabetes in some cases. If you are interested in the gastric bypass, research the best city with the best history behind this surgery when considering it.
The final bariatric procedure you should consider is the gastric sleeve. Considered by some to be the most invasive bariatric procedure, the gastric sleeve involved the surgeon removing as much as 85% of the patient's stomach. The goal of the procedure is to create a relatively narrow tube, or sleeve as the procedures name implies, in which the food is stored. Potential for massive weight loss and corrections to long-standing health conditions are huge with this surgery. Choosing to undergo a major medical procedure can be daunting. This is even more apparent when considering undergoing the gastric sleeve. There are a few cities with some of the most talented and capable surgeons, so having your bariatric surgery performed here would offer many benefits.
Choosing the right bariatric surgery for your situation is of the utmost importance. So is choosing the right location. Whether you undergo the lap band, gastric sleeve or gesture bypass, research the hospitals, medical teams and surgeons to make your weight and health goals a reality.
Get weight loss surgery that really works see our site for a variety of options like Lap band Los Angeles and Gastric sleeve Los Angeles.

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More article to share

Make-up by Marc Jacobs
Marc Jacobs says he's planning to expand into cosmetics and is working with Sephora on a line.
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Gastric bypass surgery, an option to weight loss
Gastric bypass is generally well tolerated and successful however; small numbers of people
who undergo gastric by pass surgery either fail to lose weight or develop complications.
This failure to lose weight or getting complications after the procedure is called gastric
bypass failure syndrome, anemia, severe constipation and severe gastro-esophageal
reflux disease. If these symptoms become intolerable then only option to correct them
is revision bariatric surgery. Read More

Top Ten Nutritious Foods to Eat While Pregnant
Which foods to eat and which to avoid for healthy breast milk production.
It is just as important now as when you were pregnant to carefully consider
your diet, focusing on gaining maximum nutrition.Weak green tea,
100 percent fruit juice, milk and even soup provide liquids. Aim for ten,
eight-ounce servings per day. What Not to Eat As with any diet that focuses
on maximizing nutrition, avoiding empty-calorie foods including
junk foods, desserts and soft drinks is important at this ... Read More

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Natural Weight Loss Supplements for Women

Losing weight is among the most difficult tasks on the earth; perhaps because the majority of you aren't conscious of the natural weight loss supplements for women that can make you look sexy and young in a couple of weeks. The single most common mistake women make while looking for fat loss supplements is that they go for chemically processed products that may work in the short run but over a period, the person becomes dependent on them to stay in shape. In addition, most of these pills and processed chemical formulas alter the working of your heart and other body organs. So ultimately, they turn out to be unhealthy for the person's physical and general health.
Having said that, natural weight loss supplements for women do not have harmful effects. They assist our body to enhance its organs and circulatory system and metabolism to the extent that the body works more effectively without being hooked on external stimulants. When evaluating weight loss supplements, perhaps you may encounter numerous pills and brands claiming to have 100 percent natural ingredients within their products. However, it is really not always the case; usually, the nature of the herbal product is changed completely by little processing and its benefits therefore are turned into secondary effects for the body.
Below are a few very effective natural weight loss supplements for women, which can help you shed much fat in a month. However, it should be noted here that all those natural supplements work as long as you keep a check on your diet and make your body used to some regular exercise whether, either walking or exercising. Natural or processed supplements alone cannot make a significant difference at the end. Let's look into those weight loss supplements.
Green Supplements:
These nutritional supplements can be obtained under different names and brand symbols. Green supplements usually comprise of small capsules that include extracts of just about thirty to thirty six green leafy vegetables that help improve the metabolism of the body. Initially, the diet plan supplement will surely have an opposite effect i.e. your craving for food might increase but after a number of days, the body adjusts to the properties of these capsules. Once adjusted, it cuts down on your appetite while increasing your metabolism, as a result, you start burning the excess fat within your body.
Alkaline Supplements:
Alkaline vitamin supplements work by maintaining the acidity level of your system. They also come in the form of tablets, which will be consisting of natural products with high alkaline properties. These natural weight loss supplements for women affects the digestive system of the body; improving its efficiency and assisting you in digesting your meals quickly. Furthermore, it makes you feel lighter and enhances your psychical activity. The sense of drowsiness and laziness reduces and you feel like going out and walking around on a regular basis. Because your rate of metabolism and muscle increase, you will start shedding weight without making any particular effort.
In addition, you can find the best tips and advice to lose weight naturally at Weight Bliss is a site dedicated to helping you get the body of your dreams. Start losing weight today!

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Monday, March 26, 2012


Any company with the gumption to call its product "the Ferrari of electric bikes" has our undivided attention, and that's just what EH Line has done with its Street Racer. It's not going to go hundreds of miles per hour, but it can zip you up to 28 mph, and then you can assist with the pedals at the same time.

Beyond its speedy road capabilities, it's a trainer, too, letting you ride it in stationary mode while it simulates the hills and valleys of real-world bike riding. And, you can simulate that same terrain while you're riding on flat land. It's pretty light for an electric bike, but its price isn't: $9250.

What happens when you mount jet engines upside down on a specially designed wing? You get better lift and a quieter aircraft, according to engineers at NASA who designed AMELIA (Advanced Model for Extreme Lift and Improved Aeroacoustics).

The advantage of that enhanced lift? You can use a runway that's 25% the size of a runway you'd need for conventional aircraft. And because those engines are on the top side of the wing, the wing itself prevents a sizable portion of the planes noise from reaching the ground. Beyond those advantages, this design can make wings smaller, creating less drag and better fuel efficiency.

This is not some pie-in-the-sky concept, either -- NASA already has flying prototypes using this technology, so you can expect this to be implemented in commonplace aircraft fairly soon.

Want to try the next version of the astonishing and powerful image editing software, Adobe Photoshop? You can now download the Adobe Photoshop CS6 Beta free. The new version, code-named "Superstition," is the 13th version of Photoshop, which many (myself included) believe is the best software application ever developed.

This new version packs pure magic, letting you move objects within a photo and miraculously replace that object's background -- it's called Content Aware technology, introduced in the previous version but a whole lot smarter now. It also sports faster processing, and a pleasant new darker background that makes it easier to focus on the work at hand.

One advantage Android phones have over their competitors is their ability to connect to USB devices, and this USB reader uses that advantage to give those already versatile phones even more capabilities.

On board this $40 Sanwa USB reader is a plethora of slots, accommodating microSD, SD and miniSD cards, and it can even accommodate a mouse or a game pad. It works with a variety of Samsung, Sony and Toshiba Android devices.

When people say the words "diamond ring," they're usually thinking about a metal band with a diamond attached. But a Swiss jeweler went a step further, using a powerful laser to create this solid diamond ring, a work of pure art and beauty.

It took an enormous diamond to carve this spectacular bauble, with the finished 150-carat size worth a lot more than two months' salary for just about anybody, unless you're some kind of billionaire -- its $70 million price tag makes this a ring the bride will want to wear only in the presence of armed guards.

How do you get from New York to Beijing in two hours? According to the Evacuated Tube Transport Technology (ET3) Network, it's all done with a series of tubes. Strap yourself into a car-sized passenger capsule with five of your closest friends, and you'll be zipped along inside a vacuum tube that spans the Earth. It's levitated with magnets (maglev), flying along in a friction-free environment in which you can travel at 4000mph.

Using currently available technology, the organization says it can accomplish 50 times more transportation per kilowatt hour than electric cars or trains, at 1/10 the cost. The first step is constructing a 3-mile, 375 mph demo track just to show everyone that it's possible. The group is currently looking for a location in the Los Angeles area to do just that.

Why should you care about a professional camera that costs $3499? This shows you the kind of technology that will be available in everyday cameras and maybe even smartphones someday soon. The biggest attribute of the new Canon 5D Mark III: its spectacular low light performance, where it can almost take pictures in the dark.

Not only can it do that, it can snap those shots quickly at six frames per second, and shoot super-crisp high-definition video, looking even better than the Saturday Night Live opening video shot with its predecessor, the D5 Mark II. It does all that with highly advanced image processor called Digic 5+, whose technology we hope will trickle down to the rest of us before too long.

Here's another NASA aircraft project, this one using frozen liquid natural gas as its fuel. Called SUGAR (Subsonic Ultra Green Aircraft Research) Freeze, this 154-seat plane aims to solve that problem of jet aircraft gobbling fuel like there's no tomorrow.

Why natural gas? Because there's so much of it -- particularly in the United States -- and it creates less pollution. In addition, this design requires 64% less fuel than a typical 737 you might be flying today.

We got our hands on the brand-new Angry Birds Space game this week, and we think you'll like it even if you can't stand the first Angry Birds games. It's the most inventive Angry Birds edition yet, which is in some ways familiar and others completely alien to the gameplay of its predecessors.

You get a lot of fun for your $.99 (or up to $2.99, depending on which device you're using), but one thing's for sure, when you take away gravity, the laws of physics are still in play, brilliantly demonstrated in this worthy update to an already iconic game.

Lamborghinis are already frighteningly ferocious land rockets, but this concept by Mark Hostler takes the supercar into another dimension. His Ferruccio concept is a forward-looking flight of fancy that imagines what Lamborghini might do next, giving it an aggressive scissors-like nose, an impossibly low stance and a formidable double-turbocharged power plant under the hood. [continues next slide]

Yes, there's a V12 engine designed into this fierce raging bull, but its futuristic valves are activated by "computer-controlled pneumatic solenoids," according to its designer.

Looking like a Batmobile turned into a weapon, we're not sure this scary conveyance would pass muster with anyone who's concerned about auto safety.

Tech took to the air this week, and the result was spectacularly fuel-efficient airliners, a speedy trip from New York to Beijing in two hours, and even birds flying through space in pursuit of their porcine nemesis. Step into the cockpit with us as we fly through that maelstrom and a lot more on this week’s Top 10 Tech.

Beyond that otherworldly excitement, back here on terra firma we found a car that might be too scary to drive, an electric bicycle whose maker compares it to a Ferrari, a monster camera that might show the way to the future, a super-convenient attachment for Android phones, as well as a brand-new version of our favorite software application on the planet.

And for our romantic readers, the icing on the cake was probably the most spectacular piece of jewelry we’ve ever seen. It’s been an unusual week, one you won’t want to miss as we’ve narrowed down thousands of possibilities to the Top 10 Tech This Week.

So… I want to meet a friend in Japan… I pull out my smart phone, launch the ET3 app and tell it, “I want to go to Ichi Ban Cafe in Tokyo.” 5 minutes later, a satellite-controlled G-Ride (Google driverless vehicle) pulls up to my current location. I get in and it takes me to the nearest ET3 terminal and within 2 hours I’m dining on yakisoba and sippin’ a lime shu-hi with my good buddy Yoishi!

We should seriously start to lobby congress to consider an ET3 infrastructure a homeland security issue. This will disgorge some of the wasteful military spending in favor of a worthwhile project :-)

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Wednesday, March 7, 2012


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MINNEAPOLIS (KARE11) -- Sleeping pills may help you get some shut eye. But a new study found people who popped prescription strength sleep aids, even fewer than 18 pills a year, were nearly four times more likely to die earlier or get cancer than those who do not take sleeping pills.

It is known that good sleep is essential to good health so some people take sleeping pills to get that rest. But the new study of nearly 35,000 people, published in the British Medical Journal, may now have some putting the pills away.

Dr. Michael Howell, who treats those with sleep issues at the University of Minnesota Medical Center Fairview Sleep Disorder Center, said, "It will reinforce that these meds need to be prescribed with caution."

He said the risks of prescription sleeping pills have been known but it has been unclear if the patients' health issues or the sleeping pills were the cause.

Howell said, "But this essentially takes us a little step further into actually suggesting it may be the medications that are actually the problem."

Howell said some of those prescriptions were likely not necessary. He said what should be taken from this study is that, "People who are on these medications and their physicians should take a hard look to see if they are necessary."

Howell said not to stop taking your sleeping medication yet. Some people need it. But your insomnia could actually be sleep apnea or restless leg syndrome, for which there are other therapies.

And those who are correctly diagnosed with insomnia may want to consider alternative treatments like cognitive behavior therapy instead of popping more pills.

Dr. Howell said this study looked at sleep medications new and old, from Ambien to Valium. He said more study needs to be done to find out exactly why prescription sleeping pills are associated with a greater risk of cancer and death.

4 Rules For Healthy Dessert

What happens when you pair a doctor who focuses on nutrition with a world-renown pastry chef? You get an amazingly healthy dessert that doesn’t taste like diet food.

We asked Melina Jampolis, M.D., an internist and board certified physician nutrition specialist, to come up with four rules for a healthy dessert. Then, we put Johnny Iuzzini, a pastry whiz who you might recognize as the host of Bravo’s Top Chef Just Desserts, to make a delicious dessert while abiding by Dr. Jampolis’ rules. The result? A balanced, pillow-y parfait.

1. Limit your calories to 100 to 150 for an everyday dessert (though dessert shouldn’t be an everyday affair). For a splurge dessert, keep to 250 to 300 calories.

2. Substitute whole grains whenever you can—even if it’s only for a quarter of the total grains, every little bit adds up to better health since they’re a great source of fiber and anti-oxidants.

3. Add in healthy fats like nuts or seeds (or avocados!). Not only do they boost the fiber and nutrient content, healthy fats help lower the glycemic index of sugary desserts, which can help prevent you from craving even more sugar an hour later.

4. To really boost the nutritional value, add in deeply colored fruits like berries or cherries. These fruits are loaded with potent disease-fighting phytonutrients called polyphenols. (Dark chocolate is also a great source of polyphenols as long as it contains about 70 percent cacao.)

2. In a large bowl, mix together all the seeds and nuts with the maple syrup and salt until coated evenly. Spread the mix evenly in a single layer on each lined baking sheet and place in the pre-heated oven.

3. Stirring occasionally, bake the trail mix until golden brown, about 20-25 minutes. Allow it to cool and break it up into a loose mixture. Toss with the dried fruit.

In the bottom of each 6 oz parfait glasses (or a regular drinking glass or bowl will work), place ¼ cup of trail mix. Next, pour in half of the yogurt and add 1/8 cup of the berry mixture. Repeat each of the layers once more and serve.

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