Sunday, June 10, 2012

Best Paying Jobs for Women


With more and more women opting to go out and build careers for themselves, there are a number of jobs that the market has to offer to women, which come with its own set of glamour and prestige. Having said that, with women competing with men in an equal playing ground they are also expected to prove their worth with the strong backup of a good academic background. Women also need to make the same effort with respect to self-discovery, planning and hard work to make a mark in the industry.
Planning your Career Correctly
Most employers are of the belief that the most practical thing to do for women to while they are planning their careers is the compare the return on investment of their education with the potential salary they are bound to make through their profession.
According to statistics, some of the most popular and high paying job options for women belong in the education, IT, Finance, HR, Aviation, Medical and Real Estate sector.
Consequently, it is important to remember that each one of these professions have its own set of unique benefits and drawbacks. For example, not matter how high paying a flight attendant's salary is, and no matter how glamorous the job, the excessive travel and erratic work hours aren't necessarily every woman's cup of tea.
What must a Woman look for in her Career
As a woman, one is expected to fulfil a number of other social demands as compared to a man. Hence, no matter how rewarding the salary, it is important for a woman to find professional stability out of the long-term discipline that they pick without compromising o their sense of personal achievement.
Here is a list of some of the most viable professional choices for women -
1. Even though becoming a pharmacist takes up to 6 years in most countries, the remuneration at the end of the day is more than satisfactory. With the rampant growth of the industry on the whole, this profession is by far considered to be among the best paying careers for women today. The starting salary of a pharmacist is believed to be around hundred thousand Canadian dollars a year. The need for more medication among the baby boomers that are now nearing old age, the potential of this industry is nowhere close to dwindling.
2. Some women are natural with money matters, and are great with giving advice with respect to effective management of monies. Financial management, consulting and advisory services make for another great prospective career for the new age career women. With the erratic economies, institutions and individuals alike are all on a look out for competent financial planners. This career also promises a six figure salary to women with appropriate certification in accountancy and financial planning.
3. Human resources management also poses its own set of interesting potential in the area of recruitments, training, counselling, conflict management and payroll management. With a thousand facets to look into, this profession is highly demanding especially for women who are good with people management and communications.
In addition to this, considering the personality type of most women they are able to fulfil the needs of certain jobs a lot better than their male counterparts. For examples, female psychologists, market research, and a number of sales jobs are better handled by women.
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