Sunday, June 3, 2012

Tips for Selecting Decorative Accents for the Home

by Christine George

Choosing modern and contemporary decorative accents for the home can feel like an overwhelming task. Not only do you have to choose a theme or color pattern that will create the mood you want in your room, but you have to find the right pieces to accentuate the elements of your room that you want to highlight. Add to this the need to make sure that the pieces you choose fit within your budget and you can see why some people feel the need to hire a professional to help choose their décor. Today, we will look at some simple tips for choosing everything from tables to decorative fireplace screens.
Tip #1- Focus on the Features

When looking to add decorative elements to a room, it can help to first look at features that the room already has. For example, if your sitting room has a fireplace, selecting decorative fireplace screens that will bring out the beauty of the area can help you make a big difference on a small budget. Choosing a screen that highlights a tiled fireplace or that draws the eye to a mantle covered in family portraits is a fantastic way to make the most of features that your home already has.

Tip #2- Simple Can Be Elegant

You don't have to go overboard when it comes to decorative accents for the home. A few touches of modern and contemporary décor, when well placed, can have as much impact as buying a new set of furnishings and art. Accent tables, decorative tapestries and throw pillows, or stained glass panels for your windows can provide a simple elegance that even the most elaborate furniture sets could not accomplish. Simplicity can absolutely be elegant, and the right smaller pieces can actually have the biggest impact.
Tip #3- Don't Ignore the Walls

If you have a smaller room, accent tables and other larger items can make it feel even smaller. Beautiful wall art is a great idea of decorative accents for the home, but consider items that make the space feel bigger. Mirrors always help make small rooms feel larger, and decorative mirrors or even mirrored decorative lights can provide the perfect modern and contemporary décor for an entry room or living room that often feels small or crowded.

No matter what area of your home or room you are looking to accentuate, you will find that there are great decorative accents for the home that will help you accomplish your goals. From decorative fireplace screens to mirrors that give a small room a big feel, choosing the right modern and contemporary décor comes down to figuring out your goals and finding the best way to bring them to life.

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