Friday, August 8, 2008

Babor Skin Care

If you are one of the millions of people who suffer from sensitive skin, you understand how difficult it can be to just live a normal life without worrying about your skin irritation and reactions. The term sensitive skin isnt necessarily a medical term, but it does describe a heightened sensitivity and a high occurrence of adverse skin reactions.

The adverse reactions can be caused by almost anything  from environmental factors, such as wind and sun, to detergents and every day skin care products. One exclusive line of skin care products however, is made just for those with sensitive skin. However, the Babor Skincare System, whose philosophy is based on respect for individual skin requirements, offers products and treatment systems to care for your skin every day to help regain its inner and outer balance.

The Holistic Effects of Caring for Your Skin

Babor skin care products and cosmetics are made from a unique combination of natural ingredients to care for sensitive skin. The precious botanical formulations that are used in Babors products, from cleansers to sun care and everything in between, have been proven effective for every skin type and condition.

The Advanced Biogen products, for example, work specifically to stimulate cell renewal and strengthen the skin. Babor PURE which includes a Cover Stick, a Day Cream, a Night Cream, a PURE Fluid, and a Mask, are all formulated to care for easily irritated skin, to reduce redness and swelling, and to clear the skin of bacteria and imperfections while regulating pH balance and preventing dryness.

Babors full line of Fluids and Specialized Concentrates are unique creations for sensitive skin made for anti-aging, smoothing, moisturizing, and balancing. Babor products care for your sensitive skin as a whole, both inwardly and outwardly, with natural ingredients that will not cause irritation.

Babors Innovative Ingredients

The natural ingredients used in Babor are refined and optimized in a scientific process that makes the products very unique. By not using standard active ingredients found on the market in other products, Babor is able to offer skin care treatment systems that surpass the standard over-the-counter fare.

Babor acquires its active ingredients, such as glutathione, from an exclusive source. Glutathione is extracted from the yeast of fine white wines and is used in Babors product line called SELECTION. This refining and optimization process of natural ingredients is what makes Babor products so perfectly formulated for sensitive skin. Men and women with sensitive skin all over the world are now enjoying the healing and balancing effects of Babor products. Babor helps to achieve the perfect harmony of body, mind, and soul by making your skin look as good as you feel on the inside.

Try Babor For Your Sensitive Skin

Through the use of Babors professional and effective products and treatment methods, you can stop being so sensitive and enjoy every day to the fullest. No matter what condition your sensitive skin is in, Babor has a treatment method that is right for you.

Revive the glow of your sensitive skin through learning more about anti-aging skin care at, where all products are assessed based upon their scientific ingredients.

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