Saturday, July 19, 2008

10 ways to save at home

Want financial security someday? Then pull up your socks, get wise and follow this simple guide to help you save money especially while you at home.

1- Fill the kettle with just a little more than what you need for your tea/coffee. This will save electricity while preventing the heating element from burning out.

2- Reach for a rag cloth instead of kitchen paper rolls to wipe up spills.

3- Set a weekly meal budget and shop accordingly. Don’t stock up on items with a short shelf-life like yoghurt, which will end up in the bin within a week.

4- Buy fresh produce at market instead of supermarket tray packs.

5- Switch to energy-saving light bulbs. They generally last longer and will save you big bucks in the long run.

6- Visit a DIY store and learn how to maintain your own home. This should include tightening door hinges and giving the house a fresh coat of paint if needed.

7- Cultivate the habit of turning off the tap while brushing your teeth and scrubbing your face.

8- Avoid leaving your TV on standby mode. Switch it off every night to save electricity.

9- Use a plug-in nightlight instead of leaving the hallway light on overnight.

10- Find out if electrical appliances can be repaired before replacing them.(But if repair comes up to more than the half the price of the new item and doesn’t come with a three month guarantee, opt for a new.

You needn’t become obsessed about saving money and become a penny-pincher; just make a conscious effort in your everyday life to be less wastefull.

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