Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Clues You May Need Health Supplement

Your body may already be warning you that you’re running low on an essential nutrient.

Our bodies need a balance of vitamins and minerals daily to run well. If your body shows this sign, you may need a supplement.

CLUE: Carbs Crave.

You may be short of the mineral chromium. Nutrionist Patrick Holford, author of the New Optimum Nutrition Bible, says: “When there’s imbalance in blood sugar levels, you’ll suffer a lack of energy. Chromium works with insulin to stabilize blood sugar, appetite and weight. The more uneven your blood sugar, the more chromium you use. Low blood sugar can also make you crave sweets and carb-rich foods.”. Ironically, these foods deplete chromium levels even more. Fix it by eating whole meal bread, unpolished ice, oysters and eggs.

CLUE: You are very Moody

If you often feel down, it could be a B-vitamin deficiency. B-vitamins help battle negative moods and stress. They have an essential role in the metabolic process of cells, and four of the B-vitamins – thiamine B1, niacin B3, riboflavin B2 and panthothenic acid B5 – are vital for energy production. When foods are well digested with help from B- vitamin, they release energy. B-vitamins are found in peanuts, soy milk, orange juice and oily fish.

CLUE: Low Sex Drive

You may be short of zinc, which the body uses to make the hormone testosterone, which sparks desire in women and men. Other signs include lowered immunity, white flecks on nails and thinning hair.

CLUE: Constant Infections

Constant infections like colds, flu or thrush are usually signs of poor immunity. Poor immune systems are due to low levels of antioxidants such as vitamins A, C and E, zinc and selenium. Fix it by eating more fresh fruit, like citrus fruits and berries, and green veggies.

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